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Our executive board is a compilation of Penn State weather and catastrophe risk management professionals with a passion for networking, professional development and mentorship.

Executive Board

Brian Bastian
President & Professional Development Chair | Penn State '12
Current Role: Vice President & Product Manager,  Guy Carpenter
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Brian is a Vice President and Product Manager of Guy Carpenter's proprietary exposure management and spatial analysis platform. In addition, Brian frequently consults with client's senior leadership regarding catastrophe risk management techniques, technologies and frameworks. Brian received his B.S. degree in Meteorology in 2012 and also earned his M.Eng. degree in Systems Engineering from Penn State in 2015.  Brian is a member of the International Society of Catastrophe Managers (ICSM), a former member and mentorship chair for the AMS Board for Private Sector Meteorologists (BPSM), and an active volunteer climate and weather educator for the non-profit, Nepris.

Ryan Leddy
Networking Chair | Penn State '11
Current Role: Manager - Model Specialists, Risk Management Solutions (RMS)
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Ryan is a Model Specialists Manager for Risk Management Solutions, Inc. (RMS).  Ryan received his B.S. degree in Meteorology from Penn State in 2011 and earned an MBA from Rutgers University, specializing in Strategy, Leadership and Global Business. Ryan is a member of the International Society of Catastrophe Managers (ICSM) and is an active participant in the community in the greater New York City area, volunteering at the Hoboken Homeless Shelter and iMentor. In his free time, Ryan enjoys running and has completed both the New York City and Philadelphia marathons.

Jeff Schmidt 

Mentoring & Education Chair | Penn State '16

Current Role: Assistant Vice President & Meteorologist, Guy Carpenter

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Before joining Guy Carpenter, Jeff worked as a Research Scientist and Catastrophe Modeling Analyst in Philadelphia for Chubb. His primary roles included validating and assessing third party catastrophe models for internal use as well as creating bespoke solutions for non-modeled perils. Jeff also lead the event response for Chubb's corporate catastrophe team. Jeff received his B.S in Meteorology from Penn State in May of 2016. Jeff is also a member of the International Society of Catastrophe Managers (ICSM) and is actively pursuing a Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) designation. In his spare time, Jeff enjoys playing volleyball and volunteering for PAWS. 

Allison Lederer 

Networking & Professional Development | Penn State '14

Current Role: Meteorologist, Sesco Enterprises LLC

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Allison is a Meteorologist for SESCO Enterprises, an energy trading firm located outside of Pittsburgh, PA. She works closely with traders, briefing them on the bal-day and next day weather for the entire country. This also includes various renewable energy forecasts and comparisons. Allison graduated with a BS in Meteorology from Penn State in 2014, and earned graduate degree in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh in 2018.

Cory Barwatt

Networking & Operations | Penn State '15

Current Role: Trading Operations Analyst, Susquehanna International Group, LLP

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Cory works in Philadelphia at Susquehanna International Group. His responsibilities as a trading operations analyst include weather forecasting/research for commodities, as well as market analysis and profit reporting.  Cory consults daily with commodity and energy traders to provide them with up-to-date research and gain an edge on the market. Cory graduated from Penn State with a B.S. in Meteorology in May of 2015. N his free time, he participates in multiple Philadelphia sports leagues and volunteers with PennEnvironment to increase awareness about the threat of climate change.

Kevin Cei

Lead - Industry Partnerships | Penn State '07

Current Role: Director, QualRisk

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Kevin is a Director at QualRisk, where he is leading strategic initiatives to build data, analytics, and technology companies that focus on solving key market challenges within the financial services and insurance industries.  His experience prior was at Jupiter Intelligence, an analytics company providing climate change solutions.  He led all of Jupiter’s customer engagements within (re)insurance, oil & gas, real estate, and financial services to implement climate change analytics into risk decision-making processes.  Kevin started his career at Risk Management Solutions, Inc. (RMS), where he spent 11+ years working with insurers in solution implementation, product management, and strategy consulting. Kevin earned his B.S. in Meteorology from Penn State with a minor in Energy Business and Finance in 2007.  He currently serves on the executive board for the Penn State Alumni Association, New York City Chapter and is on the Graduates of Earth and Mineral Sciences (GEMS) Board of Directors.

Mackenzie Williams

Lead - Member Engagement | Penn State '19

Current Role: Graduate Rotational Analyst, Direct Energy Business

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Mackenzie is currently in a three year professional development program at Direct Energy where she will use here skills in three different roles over three years at the company. She works closely with clients helping them understand their energy usage and pricing. Mackenzie graduated with a BS in Meteorology in the weather risk option and a minor in energy business and finance in 2019. In her free time she is in a book club, loves running, and subscribes to several blogs to learn more about climate change.

Andrew Markowitz

Lead - Weather Risk Students Liaison | Penn State '19

Current Role: Intelligence Analyst, WorldAware

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Andrew is currency working as an Intelligence Analyst at WorldAware Inc. in Annapolis, Maryland. He examines severe weather in all parts of the world and disseminates the information, with a specific focus in travel risk management, to clients in order to mitigate their financial risk. Andrew graduated in 2019 with a B.S. in Meteorology and a minor in Energy Business and Finance, and served as President of the Weather Risk Management Club in 2018. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys watching and playing sports, hiking, traveling, cooking, and getting involved with the Jewish Community Center (JCC) of DC.