Mentoring & Education

Our society offers its members many mentorship and education opportunities.  Check out below just a few of those ways.

Student Mentorship Program

Many mentorship programs are designed to help Juniors and Seniors find jobs and provide career advice. Our Society decided to do things a bit differently.  Our student mentorship program not only includes Juniors and Seniors, but is extended to include interested Freshmen and Sophomore students as well.  All students are paired with a Penn State Meteorology Alum to provide advice, encouragement and accountability throughout a student's tenure as an undergraduate at Penn State.

Interested in being a student mentor?  Click the button below to fill out the mentor application form. While applications are accepted on a rolling basis for mentors, we typically do pairings at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.

Virtual-Classroom Program

Nepris connects teachers and students with the right industry experts, virtually without having to spend much planning time or leaving the classroom while providing an effective way for companies to extend education outreach and create equity of access.


The MAPS Weather Risk Alumni Society has partnered with Nepris to extend our organization's reach to grades K-12 and help education and exposure young students to the world of weather and catastrophe risk management.

For more information and to register with the Nepris platform, click the button below.  Also, be on the lookout for Society/Nepris sponsored K-12 weather workshops and classroom series and let us know if you're interested in volunteering your time.

Have questions about Nepris?  Contact our Business Development Partner at Nepris:

Stasi Gaveras |