Mentor Application Form

The Weather Risk Alumni Society has designed this as a premium mentorship program to create and foster one-on-one personal interactions tailored to the needs of participating students. The program is intended to increase students’ awareness of opportunities in weather and catastrophe risk management,  and help them realize their professional growth potential.


Each participating student regularly interacts with an alumni of the meteorology department who is utilizing their degree for the purposes of weather and/or catastrophe risk management. Ultimately, the success of this program depends on the individual commitment of each participant, mentor and student, toward the betterment of the individual and our profession.


Both the mentor and student will benefit most from the valuable two-way exchange of information during each interaction, and through maintaining a consistent, ongoing and open dialogue.


This program is designed for professional meteorologists or similar professionals with at least one year of experience (two or more years is preferred) working in a weather or catastrophe risk management role, and who have a strong ambition to help students and fellow mentors benefit from their professional experience.



This is a premium program offering you the opportunity to share your experience and wisdom with a student. Are you prepared to meet with your student (via phone or in person) at least once each month?

Mentor Application