Are you a Penn State meteorology alum?

Join the Society

We welcome all individuals to become active members regardless of the option they choose or where they are currently in their career. If you have an interest in weather or catastrophe risk management, you're welcome here.


Use the button below to go directly to the Penn State Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences alumni page.  There you can fill out the MAPS application and choose to join the Weather Risk Alumni Society.  Any questions, please shoot us an email!

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Membership Tiers

Your activity and involvement determines your membership status. Everyone starts as a  "Member" but as you become more involved you will automatically upgrade with access to more exclusive perks.


There are no requirements for this membership tier, though you will not be able to participate in exclusive "Lightning" member promotions and opportunities.

Lightning Member

The minimum requirements to maintain active Lightning membership are simple: participate in at least two Society-sponsored events each year.

Ready to become a member? Use the "Join Today!" button below and be auto-directed to the Penn State Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences alumni page.  There you can submit your application to become a member of MAPS and choose to be a member of the Weather Risk Alumni Society.


After submitting your application, a society board member will be in touch with more details on your membership as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest!