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Is there a membership fee ?


Can I be a member even if I didn't graduate "weather risk"?

We highly encourage all graduates with a degree in Meteorology from Penn State (Masters, Graduate or PhD) regardless of option, focus of concentration to become members. As long as you have a genuine interest in weather and/or catastrophe risk management we encourage you to get involved.

If my career isn't directly related to weather or catastrophe risk management, can I still be a member of the society?


Are there certain minimum requirements I have to complete for the society in order to be an active member?

The Society has two tiers of membership status: 1) Member and 2) Lightning.

Member Requirements:
- None.

Lightning Requirements:
- Participate in at least two sponsored events each year

How often will the Society hold networking events with fellow alumni and companies that are hiring professional in our field?

We plan to offer one to two networking events per quarter to provide members the opportunity to network. When the opportunity presents itself, that may include companies looking to hire.

How many companies are represented by members in the society and what kind of companies are they?

Details on the myriad of companies our members work for are available here on the website. Society members, in general, represent companies across the private sector including but not limited to: (Re)insurance, Capital Markets, Commodities and Commodity Trading,

Is there a newsletter highlighting achievements and events in the Penn State weather and catastrophe risk management community?

The Society produces and distributes a quarterly newsletter with information on recent and future events sponsored by the society. The newsletter also spotlights individual members and provides details on getting more involved.

How can I be more involved if I am a member of the society who lives further from key cities and/or most other members?

The society provides members a variety of different opportunities for participating and getting involved. Such opportunities include: the student mentorship program, being on a committee or connecting remotely for educational or networking events when available.

How will the student mentorship program be structured in terms of mentors/students and how will it be run?

The Weather Risk Alumni Society has designed this as a premium mentorship program to create and foster on-one personal interactions tailored to the needs of participating students. The program is intended to increase younger students' awareness of opportunities in weather and catastrophe risk management, and help them realize their professional growth potential. Each participating student regularly interacts with an alumni of the meteorology program at Penn State who is utilizing their degree for the purposes of weather and/or catastrophe risk management.